Art and history next the Hotel

The Auvergne offers the tourists a great variety of landscapes.
Mountains, lakes and meadows………
But also offers a rich cultural history.

  • The magnificent Roman Art church of Saint Nectaire from the 12th century.
  • The fortress village Besse et Saint Anastaise.
  • An animated visit of the Château of Murol.
  • The museum of Farges

Educational Visiting ideas:

How do they make the famous Saint Nectaire cheese? Find  out whith a visit to the Bellonte Farm.
You can also visit:
  • The grottes of Saint Nectaire
  • The maison of the Saint Nectaire
  • The myocastors educational farm
  • The Fontaines Pétrifiantes
  • Moulin Richard Debas
  • Vulcania